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ServiceMela is the platform to showcase and market services across various categories such as Media, Marketing & IT, Events, Business & Professional, Education & Training, Personal & Grooming, Domestic, Help Related Services, Repairs & Servicing, Construction, Travel, Tour & Transport. All the services list their unique features and are available at different price points, bringing to the buyers unlimited possibilities with the ability to sort and filter according to their own requirements and make the final choice only after careful consideration and selecting the one that most effectively aligns with their unique requirements and business goals. Not only it makes all those services easily comparable but also the providers(individuals or businesses) get public recognition for their efforts, especially if they are constantly trying to innovate using their services.In the service requests on ServiceMela, the buyers clearly define the service that they want by mentioning the required features, the exact price the buyer is willing to pay, location where the service is needed, online or offline, etc. Service Requests are especially useful for sellers who are either new or struggling to get orders on their services listed on ServiceMela. After an order is placed, if the buyer or seller cancels the order, then complete refund is issued to the buyer. In addition to that, most sellers even offer maintenance and future support when you order a specific service from ServiceMela. ServiceMela provides a safe environment and easy to use communication window where the buyers and sellers can track the progress of the order. Also, the customers have the option to cancel the order or raise a dispute regarding the same. So, if you are looking for the best service which fits both your needs and your budget or you are a professional looking for interesting projects to work on or someone who just want to make a few extra bucks out of their free time, ServiceMela has got you covered.