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Travel, Tour & Transport Services: Travelling with friends and relatives will help a person to reduce their stress and brings positive energy to their soul. Many people like to travel because of their passion, and some others travel out of their job requirements. When you go to unknown places, it may create problems like sickness due to climate change and altitude variations, can get lag due to choosing unknown paths, food poisoning, and may face unadaptable living conditions. In such cases, you need a tour operator to guide you. Tour operators and travel consultancies have a personal touch all over the world, and they can provide all the related information regarding your destination like the culture, food habits, easiest routes, necessary pre-packing advice, etc. Travelling abroad has lengthy documentation formalities. Availing services of travel consultancies can make the procedure simple. Not only this, if there is a group of people to travel with, you need to rent vehicles, with a required number of seat capacity. Did you ever think that all travelling services will get from one place? Yes, ServiceMela is an online platform where we provide all the services related to travel, tourism, cargo & shipping. We have a lot of experienced travel agents, tour operators, and vehicle rental partners. They will guide you on your way to exploring the world. Then why wasting time? Let's go together!