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Office & Other Appliances Repair Services: There are cases when office equipment gets damaged, such as laptop repair, camera repair, printer repair, inventer repair etc. We cannot perform anything in the office if the equipment is not working. We will be facing problems because that is the main source to do work and now even people have more skills about how to solve problems and to get a solution. In office appliances, we may find minor and major repairs. Minor repairs are where we can solve problems at low cost and major repairs are where it takes a lot of time and cost will be expensive too. Other Appliances repair includes coffee/ Tea vendering machine, Furniture and sofa Repairs, currency counting Machine repairs. By choosing correct repair services, the devices can have long durability and ServiceMela helps you to give solution about fixing and getting repaired and also will provide some tips. ServiceMela helps to have a working knowledge of electrical circuits and the ability to use both hand and power tools. Get Your Office and Appliances Running Smoothly Again. On ServiceMela, you can compare different features of the office and other Appliances Repair and also can compare cost before choosing the ones that suit your needs