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Writing & Translation Services: Writing is the process of expressing our thoughts and ideas in a readable form, and it is also a type of two-way communication from one person to another person. Translation involves an understanding of both languages and an ability to accurately convey the meaning of the original text or speech in the target language. It is the process of rendering written content from one language into another language. The translated text , or words will convey the same meaning, emotion and look as the original message. ServiceMela offers automated services to do the work. Translation in writing is important when translating in writing, the original language is called the source language, but the language text is being translated to is called the target language. ServiceMela brings clarity to your words by providing the services. Our platform provides the services for the purpose to communicate a message in a language that the target audience can understand.ServiceMela has different types of writing and translation services. such as resume writing, coverletters, ebook writing, podcast writing, speech writing, and others. On ServiceMela, you can compare the different features of the services for writing and translation before choosing the one that suits for your needs